Able & Willing Editing in Atlanta, GA
  Able & Willing Editing in Atlanta, GA

Make an Incredible First Impression


With  so many publishers out there, how can you tell which one is right for you? Whether using a publisher or publishing your book yourself, Able  & Willing Editing can help you decide the best publishing route to  take. Call us today to schedule your personal consultation.

Things to Be Aware of When Publishing a Book:

  • If you decide to publish online you may publish with no money down.
  • Most printing companies charge by the page count
  • An ISBN must be assigned to your book in order to sell it in a store
  • Most online publishers allow you to choose your own format and set a price

We can assist you with ISBNs and copyright at very reasonable rates.

 Editing Services Available 

• Copy • Books • Novels • Papers • Articles • Poetry  • Manuscripts • Dissertations • Short Stories • Thesis Papers • College Papers • Works of Fiction and Non-Fiction • Business Documents​


Editing Services Include:
• Formatting
• Review for Grammar Issues

• Review for Spelling Errors
• Helpful Notes & Suggestions

Affordable Rates
Our  document and book editing services begin at just $25 an hour. We offer  an incredible 72-hour turnaround on selected received works. You simply  won't find an editor that reliable anywhere else.